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Public Transport Security

Stay Alert . Be Vigilant . Be Resilience


You can play a part. Be prepared.

Be our eyes and ears. Together we can make every

ride on Public Transport system a safe journey.

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How You Can Play a Part To make Singapore a safer place for all

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Stay alert, be vigilant and be aware of your surroundings.
Report any abnormalities immediately to the authorities.

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For suspicious items:


To identify a suspicious item, use H.O.T protocol:


• Is it Hidden?

• Is it Obvious?

• Is it not Typical of the environment (e.g. a

  bag inside a fire extinguisher cabinet)


If you spotted any suspicious item:


• Ask around to see if the item belongs to anyone

• Do not touch or move the item

• Report the item to either the staff on duty or call 999


For suspicious persons:


If you spotted any suspicious person, report using: S.A.L.U.T.E:


Size – Number of people, Gender, Age & Physical Descriptions

Activity – What are they doing that is out of the ordinary

Location – Note the exact location

Uniform – Describe what are they wearing including shoes

Time – Note of the date, time and duration of activity

Equipment – Bag, vehicle model, colour, license plate number, camera, video etc.

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