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Public Transport Security

Stay Alert . Be Vigilant . Be Resilience


You can play a part. Be prepared.

Be our eyes and ears. Together we can make every

ride on Public Transport system a safe journey.

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Make Our Public Transport Safe & Secure

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What To Do During Train or Service Disruption

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Service Disruption


In the event of a service disruption and the train has to be stopped for a period of time:


  • Do not panic. Take care of children and elderly passengers
    traveling with you.
  • Stay calm. The emergency light and ventilation fans will remain
  • Do not force open the door or attempt to jump off the train.


  • Listen carefully to the in-train public address announcements.


Follow the instructions given by our staff

  • Use the Emergency Call button to inform our staff of any
    emergency in the train.
  • If necessary, bus bridging and/or free bus boarding services
    will be provided at bus stops near the affected stations.


Our recent train disruption emergency exercise:

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