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Public Transport Security

Stay Alert . Be Vigilant . Be Resilience


You can play a part. Be prepared.

Be our eyes and ears. Together we can make every

ride on Public Transport system a safe journey.

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How To Respond To Terrorist Threat In PT Nodes

Know how to respond quickly and appropriately in the event of a firearms or weapons attack:

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when it is safe to do so:


Consider the safest route
Move quickly and quietly
Stay out of view of the attackers
Insist others leave with you
Leave your belongings behind
As far as possible, away from the threat


if you can't run:


Find cover from gunfire and stay out of sight
Lock yourself in but do not get trapped
If you are unable to lock the doors or entrance, place objects
such as tables or cupboards behind the doors or entrance to
prevent access by attackers
Move away from the doors
Be very quiet and switch your headphone to silent mode


Tell the police when it is safe to do so:


Call 999 or SMS 71999
Give your location and where you last saw the attackers
Provide details about the attackers
T: Total number of attackers
E: Equipment or weapons being carried
L: Look of attackers
L: Location of attackers
    (where they are now and moving towards)


You can play a part. Be prepared.

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